Valorisatie | DISARM project


We expect impact at the environmental level via the implementation of environmental conventions and legislation (e.g. OSPAR, MSFD). The results of this project will be of use for assessing e.g. the Good Environmental Status and for developing indicators and cost-efficient monitoring schemes. Project results will support environmentally responsible management decisions for the Paardenmarkt dumpsite and related specific risk assessments.

Impact at the level of public health and safety is envisaged through the explosion risk assessment. The project will also be valorized by informing authorities about the risk of contaminated seafood in the area, contaminated swimming water and contamination of groundwater reservoirs.

We anticipate valorisation for economic and technological developments. An ‘innovative public procurement procedure’ (PIO) has recently been initiated by the Flemish authority with regard to a test clean-up of a few of the dumped munitions. Various partners of the current project proposal are included in the PIO guidance committee and the PIO project lead is in our advisory board. The innovation spearhead cluster ‘Blue Cluster’ aims to build on the scientific outcomes of the current proposal.

The proposal intends to deliver scientifically underpinned boundary conditions for novel management approaches. The results from the shell corrosion research may contribute to sectors such as the offshore wind industry. The findings on microbial remediaton may be a promising lead to include in future munition dump management strategies.

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